Today's world is inventing itself on the daily frenetic rythm of technological progresses (nanotechnology, robotics, biological synthesis, digital connections) to which human being seems necessarily to be subjected to, not without violence. At this point we may ask the question to know if the future of the machinical will overcome the human being, and see for instance, Artificial Intelligence take advantage on our own brains. How do we manage the fight between « the living flesh and the dead flesh » (D-H Pageaux)? How we shall preserve the citical mind from an algorythmical toxicity ? How can we bring back beauty (poetry), strenght for legitimity of the living, to play the part it's been loosing recently ? How do we consider dreaming in the limits of the Nature that the Real is imposing to us? How do we save the being human when the skyline for the human being is full human existence. 

Michel Valmer


  magna graecia europa impari paysage  
  Magna Graeci / Europa Impari by Anita Lamanna & Erwan Kerzanet